Welcome to Velvet & Vino! Velvet & Vino is a fashion travel blog based in Canada, written by Becky Kung. Velvet & Vino was founded by Becky and her husband in 2012, initially established as a creative outlet to chronicle her personal style, daily musings, and their passion for exploring the world. In 2015, Becky’s blogging hobby turned into a full time career where Velvet & Vino has partnered with various major brands, along with various appearances in magazines and TV News Networks.

Becky has grown a dedicated following who share her passion of exploring the world and the fashion styles born from it. Through branded collaborations, Becky has taken her followers across the world to destinations like Dubai, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Italy, Spain, London, New York, Portland, L.A. and many more.

Becky’s creative content authentically reaches her audience through an intimate connection across her online presence. On Velvet & Vino, Becky will take you through her life adventures as her fashion tells the journey.

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