1. TJ

    Looks like you had a blast. You’re a pro. Also looks like you had a little bit of paparazzi going on there. Watch out for that! So much fun to get a glimpse into your week down in NY.

    Reply | 2.19.16
  2. Beth Sherstabetoff

    It is so much fun to follow your blog! Love to get glimpses of your travels! Sounds like New York Fashion Week is an exceptional event not to mention the city its self!

    Reply | 2.19.16
  3. Helena & Vince

    You look absolutely gorgeous, Becky! Thanks for sharing your week with us. Have a fun time in New York.

    Reply | 2.19.16
  4. Danielle

    Great job Velvet & Vino.

    Reply | 2.20.16
  5. Bryn

    I love the video. It makes me want to go!

    You look fantastic. Go girl!

    Reply | 2.21.16
  6. Love this! It looks like an incredible time!

    Mary Kate

    Reply | 2.21.16

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