1. Super cool bag! Great blanket for snuggling. I know my girlfriend would love this blanket. I’m definitely going to check it out. Thank you Becky!!

    Reply | 1.11.18
  2. Rowan

    Hi Becky,
    Love the blanket. They have equivalents over here that the women of the Hebrides and the Northern Isles used to wear, which they could be wrapped all around themselves, as you have yours, or have belted round the waist; also used on the bed and so much else, with muted colours and simple but traditional designs. You can see them on the old photos of the islanders; wonderful, warm, versatile things, especially when ‘waulking’ – bashing the yarn (treated in cows’ urine!), all sitting round a table together in the open air, singing the ‘waulking’ songs to keep the rhythm right. One or two companies still make them by hand: not cheap nowadays but just amazingly beautiful and practical.

    Reply | 1.11.18
  3. Rowan

    P.S. they were also very useful when nursing bairns – babies!

    Reply | 1.11.18
  4. That blanket looks AMAZING! So cozy!! Haven’t heard of that company before but will be checking them out!

    Meghan | Picture It Pretty

    Reply | 1.12.18
  5. Beth Sherstabetoff

    I love the cosy blankets but even more I really love the leather bag!!! Have a great weekend and stay cozy! 😉

    Reply | 1.12.18

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