1. love that jacket!


    Reply | 9.26.14
  2. I just love this outfit!

    Reply | 9.26.14
  3. Michelle

    Jacket is gorgeous! As is the plum colour!

    Reply | 9.26.14
  4. Congrats on all your accomplishments – your blog and presence has grown so much! Fabulous!

    I’m super stoked for all the designers, if that counts for an entry – I still have lots to learn ๐Ÿ˜€

    Reply | 9.26.14
  5. wow!!!! what a stunning outfit! love the color and cut!

    Reply | 9.26.14
  6. You’re killing it girl. So happy to see you doing amazing tings.

    Reply | 9.26.14
  7. Nina

    That coat <3

    Reply | 9.26.14
  8. i love Caitlin’s coats, a coworker has one that is so gorgeous, and i just adore the one you have on. i think she’d be my top choice to see.

    Reply | 9.26.14
  9. Yes, the jacket looks well constructed and the colour looks great on you! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Reply | 9.26.14
  10. aiyana

    I love that coat – and we would get so much wear out of it here, especially real soon!
    Also your blog layout and logo looks so good – I haven’t checked it in awhile so I hadn’t seen how far you’ve come but I saw on instagram you were at all the fashion week shows and I was (more than) a little jealous of your Europe adventure! It would be cool to come to a show here too though, its like the next best thing to Europe …

    Reply | 9.26.14
  11. Loretta

    You look amazing !!

    Reply | 9.26.14
  12. You are ridiculously chic! That dress. It reminds me of the Victoria Beckham dresses. The slit is gorgeous.

    Reply | 9.27.14
  13. Sheila

    Love the designer! Love her designs! Love the jacket & dress. Need them in my closet. Look forward to seeing the rest of what she has to offer. Hope to win the tickets.

    Reply | 9.27.14
  14. I am very excited to see all the designers, especially Paul Hardy! Love !

    Reply | 9.28.14
  15. That’s a fabulous coat and that color looks great on you!


    Reply | 9.29.14
  16. Pity I’m not near Calgary, but i love love love your coat!

    Reply | 9.30.14
  17. Jo-Anne Reynolds

    I would most excited to see Caitlin Power! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply | 9.30.14
  18. You look so elegant! I love that ladylike skirt and the coat is super sharp.

    Reply | 10.1.14
  19. Beth sherstabetoff

    That dress is awesome with the vertical seams! That coat can go anywhere!!!

    Reply | 10.2.14
  20. […] I had something to look forward to here in my own city, the PARKLUXE fashion show previously shared here! Calgary is on fashion fire, thanks to PARK and I’m forever grateful to be apart of it! […]

    | 10.7.14

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