1. Bryn

    love the closet transformation… hope all is well.

    Reply | 6.8.17
  2. Thank you for sharing Becky. I too have the problem with closets. Not enough space. Everything looks thrown everywhere. I think we all need professional help with our closets…laugh. I’m going to look into California Closets right now for myself.

    Reply | 6.8.17
  3. Tracy

    Great job on the website and content, but it seems you may need a beautiful antique vanity or dresser to go along with that California Closet eh?

    if so check us out

    Reply | 6.12.17
  4. […] I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday you guys and be sure to check out my latest post featuring my closet tour here! […]

    | 6.14.17
  5. Beth Sherstabetoff

    I just love the look of the California Closets!!! What great use of the the space and beautiful also!!! I think that will work great in my Villa also!!!!

    Reply | 6.14.17

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