1. […] Thanks for Diva Salon Spa for doing my makeup and hair for the evening, I truly felt like a Cinderella in a red dress (minus the slippers!) for one night. Be sure to catch my previous post featuring the event that I wore this outfit to here! […]

    | 10.7.14
  2. Beth sherstabetoff

    How exciting to have this event in Calgary!!! So wonderful that you were there and give us a look also!!!

    Reply | 10.7.14
  3. You gotta love the black dress…

    Reply | 10.7.14
  4. So fun and you looks os chic too.

    Reply | 10.7.14
  5. Love all the looks! and your dress looks amazing 🙂

    Reply | 10.8.14
  6. gorgeous set up!


    Reply | 10.8.14

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