1. Looks incredible Becky! I look forward to hearing more about this event and some of the bands you enjoyed. Isn’t summer time amazing when we get to enjoy our favourite music outside? Sending you light and love!

    Reply | 7.14.17
  2. Beth Sherstabetoff

    I just love the amazing photos and am so interested in this Music Festival! Sounds like it could be so inspiring!!!!

    Reply | 7.16.17
  3. I stumbled across your blog as I’m working away on launching my own and just wanted to let you know how crisp and sharp everything looks on here, how beautiful your pics are, and how eloquent your writing is. Ah-mazing!

    Also, so random but I’m pretty sure we went to High School together…? Scratch that, I’m positive. I graduated with your brother. Go ahead and creep me and when you remember, shoot me a message back!

    What a SMALL world xo!

    Reply | 9.20.17

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