1. Rowan

    Hi, Becky

    Really terrific jeans! If only more more jeans could have beautiful decoration like the embroidery on yours (I am not a fan of “distressing”) then they would be a great way of making really personal style statements, as well as being comfy and practical. I love the top too and the combination is perfect.


    Reply | 8.9.16
  2. TJ

    I actually really love this outfit in it’s entirety. From the shirt to the heels. There is just something about jeans and heals. It’s not fall yet though. Let’s give it until September….

    Reply | 8.9.16
  3. Great top!

    Reply | 8.9.16
  4. Valana

    Love your great selections! I particularly love the shoes and am wondering if you may have an idea as to where I might buy similar in a narrow fit. I bought this style at Browns yesterday however I am finding they are too wide for me and will probably return.
    Bless you for contributing to me!

    Reply | 8.10.16
  5. Beth Sherstabetoff

    I too love jeans and I don’t mind the cooler weather! Those jeans are adorable and I hope to find myself some with that great fit and embellishments also!

    Reply | 8.11.16
  6. Those jean though!! I think they are so adorable!

    Reply | 10.5.16

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