Are you into the Gingham trend?

Hi friends, thank you so much for all your love and sweet comments on my previous post! You made our day and I just love hearing from each of you. So, on different news we’re on the homestretch to the weekend! Yay! My hubby and I are flying home this weekend for our baby shower, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been counting down for many weeks to seeing family and friends this weekend. This will be our last flight until baby Kung comes, yet we do have an exciting baby moon coming up in March without having to fly. I’m very excited to share more details with you then.

Who is digging the gingham trend? It’s been so on trend this season. I’ve been spotting gingham trench coats, pants, tops and even outfits pairing gingham on gingham. Love it! We photographed this look about 4 weeks ago in January, so in all honesty these trousers don’t quite fit anymore with my growing bump. Plus I feel like I’m much bigger overall now, but I decided it’s better that I get to share these photos with you now or never. I wore these trousers as much as I could and while I could. If there’s one thing I miss so much right now with maternity clothes, is not being able to tuck my tops in at the waist. That is seriously my style signature, it’s what I’ve always done with my jeans. I know it sounds so simple, but I cannot wait for the days to tuck my shirts in the front again! Oh the simple things of life! The fun thing I love about gingham though is it really is one of the best prints to pair with fun colors. I love pairing it with strong colors like pops of red. I also love playing on soft tones like I did with this look. It tends to play off a feminine vibe.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Xo!









  1. A little gingham. A little pink fur. What else could one ask for right?

    Reply | 2.22.18
  2. Beth Sherstabetoff

    I love gingham also!!! That is a great look!!! The shoes really look great with the pants!!! Have a great trip!!!

    Reply | 2.22.18
  3. great stylish outfit … the coat, the pants, the block heels … I like every piece in it 😉

    Reply | 2.22.18
  4. Super cute look! I am swooning over the jacket…. omg!

    Reply | 3.6.18
  5. Lucy Rock

    This look is AMAZING. I love every part. Is there a place where you got the pants and fur coat are from??

    Reply | 4.26.18

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