1. Bryn

    Love the sweat shirt You should also check out Home T. Love their T shirts so soft and comfy. Of course mine is a picture of the state of TEXAS with the word home across. Check them out. Happy Friday.

    Reply | 3.4.16
  2. Very nice look!

    Reply | 3.4.16
  3. TJ

    Your shoes are always the best! It’s so crazy…. Looks cozy.

    Reply | 3.4.16
  4. Beth Sherstabetoff

    I do like heels with jeans! The last few days have been breezy and cool. The cozy sweatshirt would definitely work!!!

    Reply | 3.4.16
  5. Rowan

    Hi, Becky,
    A great combination of blues, and I love the coat with them – just right for the current cold weather in my home: Scotland! (Which provided Canada with a lot of its early settlers!)

    Reply | 3.5.16
  6. That sweatshirt is perfect for the weekend! Ever since I got an Ontario shirt, I want more “home” type pieces. It’s so awesome to share the hometown pride, isn’t it?

    Something About That

    Reply | 3.6.16
  7. Cute top girl! I love how you can rep your hometown!

    Mary Kate

    Reply | 3.7.16

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