1. Rowan

    Hi, Becky,
    That dress is just fabulous! It is gorgeous – great design, beautiful colour, clever use of contrasting effects. And I love the sandals/low boots you have chosen to go with it. Altogether the outfit is quite amazing. You look stunning!
    On a sad note, our thoughts are with all those good people in Alberta who have been driven out of their homes by the wild fires, and in all too many cases have lost their homes and so many possessions. It is really heartbreaking.

    Reply | 5.6.16
  2. TJ

    Wow Becky! Great post. Your hair looks great too. It’s only just starting to warm up here in Toronto. Bring on summer! And yes. Thoughts and prayers to our lovely Albertans who have lost their homes.

    Reply | 5.6.16
  3. Beth Sherstabetoff

    That dress is just lovely!!! I really like it with that really great jacket. Such a good colour on you! You do look amazing!!!

    Reply | 5.7.16
  4. Obsessed with this dress! Not one to be typically drawn to tulle, the cut-out back makes this the perfect edgy feminine mix! Love it! And you’ve styled it perfectly!

    Reply | 5.13.16

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