1. Thanks for sharing these photos, Becky!! And…I love your outfit!!
    So excited to hear more about NYFW!!

    Reply | 2.16.16
  2. Rowan

    Hi, Becky,
    Thanks for the pictures. There are some great ideas there – and some daft ones, e.g. “distressed” leggings, for want of a better way of describing them. But what would a fashion show be without such extremes? I particularly like the outfit in the first picture, but prefer yours to all of them! Enjoy your week there.

    Reply | 2.16.16
  3. Beth Sherstabetoff

    Thank you for all the picks of the outfits!!! I love yours!!!! Your vest is my favourite!!! Glad you had a fabulous time!!!! Can’t wait for the some more highlights!!!!

    Reply | 2.16.16
  4. Bryn

    Great photos re upcoming styles and love your outfits!!!

    Reply | 2.16.16
  5. TJ

    Looks super fun. I’m sure you had an amazing first day. I must agree with the others though. Your outfit is the best by far in my opinion. I can’t wait for more!

    Reply | 2.17.16

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