1. Love the cuddly-looking sweater dress! Your case is super neat too, love that marble texture.

    Reply | 11.5.15
  2. The jacket is the perfect accessory for the sweater dress! Love it’s deep colour. Thank you so much for the phone case discount! I’m definitely taking advantage.

    Reply | 11.5.15
  3. Loving the outfit AND the design you created for the phone case. I am also a huge fan of everything marble these days.


    Reply | 11.5.15
  4. Love the nails!! They give such an edgy look to your soft and delicate outfit! And the phone case is awesome 😉

    Reply | 11.5.15
  5. Beth Sherstabetoff

    I love the phone case!! Great to have your own design! Your whole outfit is great for the fall and I really love your shoes!!!

    Reply | 11.6.15

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