1. Bren

    I love the outfit but I especially loved your comments re judging. As I get older, I see what an awful thing judging is. Unfortunately, I think women do this more than men. We all have issues, warts and bad stories no matter what walk of life you come from. I encourage everyone to stop and reflect when you feel yourself judging…it is not a good thing. Happy Monday!!

    Reply | 5.16.16
  2. Rowan

    Hi, Becky,

    Wise words. It is so easy to rush to judgment, even without knowing you are doing so. If you are lucky, you end up realising what you have done and regretting it, even if it is too late to reverse the harm. Far worse is to feel you were right all along and whoever it was you were speaking to had better come round to your way of thinking or act in the way you consider as right.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous outfit; I love it!


    Reply | 5.16.16
  3. Beth Sherstabetoff

    It is very hurtful to be judged wrongfully!!! On a different note! Great photos! Great outfit and beautiful girl inside and out!!!!

    Reply | 5.16.16

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