1. Grace

    Love this!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  2. Rowan

    Hi, Becky,

    Now, that’s what I would call taking a bath! I hope you have a glass of wine every time you have one (why had I never thought of doing that? – I have now!). But where was the bubble bath? It looks like a great place, and the food was so appetizing, I could have eaten both breakfasts straight from the photo! Glad you had such a good time: you deserve it.

    Reply | 11.29.16
  3. Katherine McClurg

    What a wonderful way to refresh!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  4. Mark

    picturesque location

    Reply | 11.29.16
  5. Rena


    Reply | 11.29.16
  6. Lauren

    Looks absolutely beautiful!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  7. Danika

    I envy you your stay, it looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Reply | 11.29.16
  8. Lucy

    It would be perfect getaway for my hubby and me! We have one of these hotels on our bucket list but can not afford it right now, it would be like a mini honeymoon for us.
    I love that bath tub <3

    Reply | 11.29.16
  9. Beth Sherstabetoff

    That is truly amazing! Love the photos! That will be my next getaway!!!!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  10. Marta

    Love the fire place inside the room. Perfect in the winter time while in the mountains

    Reply | 11.29.16
  11. Megan

    Love the pictures! This is my first time reading one of your blogs, though I remember you telling me about it when we met for coffee at Shell!!! Saw you on the news this morning and was reminded to visit your site!! Beautiful lady, beautiful writer!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  12. Margareta

    Thankful to live so close to the Rockies!!!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  13. Diana

    Wow B! The pic of you on the porch with the coffee and cozy socks has got to be one of my favs of all time ! What an amazing get away offer! I hope we can be so lucky to win!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  14. Stephanie W.

    Wow, this looks like such a perfect romantic getaway!! I would love to share an experience like this with my boyfriend, I can’t imagine a better way to kick off the holiday season with your significant other than with cozy fires, mountain scenery, and an outdoor hot tub. 😉 Thanks for the amazing giveaway, would be so thrilled to win!!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  15. Natalie

    What an awesome getaway! So happy for you both. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  16. Kriss

    Hi Becky

    You look fabulous and beautiful photos ? This looks like a nice hotel in the Rockies. We loveee the mountains. We go out almost every weekend but never stayed at this hotel yet. Hope you guys are having a great time there.

    Reply | 11.29.16
  17. Cara

    This Banff getaway looks amazing! Great pictures as always! 🙂
    My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 7 year anniversary next month and this would be the perfect way to spend it! Fingers crossed!

    Reply | 11.29.16
  18. Erica Gilmore

    I do so love our mountains. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

    Reply | 11.30.16
  19. This looks so amazing ! My man and I are celebrating our anniversary this December and this would be perfect !

    Reply | 11.30.16
  20. Kenna

    Looks awesome!

    Reply | 11.30.16
  21. Michelle McNutt

    This spot looks like an incredible getaway!! So beautiful and serene! Thanks for sharing!

    Reply | 11.30.16
  22. Ashley Mason-Adair

    I followed along on your Snapchat during your stay at Buffalo Mountain Lodge, and it looked simply stunning! My boyfriend and I ended up driving up to it this past Saturday (his birthday), as we had both never seen the lodge before and it looked so cozy! I’d love to stay there with him, it’d be nice to go on a little Rocky Mountains vacay after my exams, especially considering my boyfriend is from Kingston, Ontario, and is fairly new to the mountains (but safe to say he’s mildly obsessed with them)!

    Reply | 11.30.16
  23. Hailey

    That bathtub has me swooning!
    I love this idea, a perfect getaway from the city!
    I would love to treat my boyfriend with a night away,
    to reconnect and enjoy the beautiful rockies!

    Reply | 11.30.16
  24. Sounds like such an amazing time, you look so relaxed there!

    Reply | 11.30.16
  25. GRIFF

    I’d love to spend it with my husband. How grand it would be to surprise him and to spend our 20th anniversary in the place we were married (Emerald Lake).

    Reply | 11.30.16
  26. Jasna

    Love that place❤️
    I would love to take my daughter with me.Miss her so much.Spending time with my
    very sick mom right now across the pond.
    We would be thrilled to win our beautiful getaway in the mauntins.

    Reply | 11.30.16
  27. Christine

    Looks beautiful! I love your photos! 🙂
    Sounds like a great romantic holiday getaway!

    Reply | 11.30.16
  28. Alexandra

    Awesome contest 🙂

    Reply | 12.1.16
  29. Joyce

    My husband and I would love a romantic getaway like this! It looks absolutely fantastic.

    Reply | 12.1.16
  30. My husband and I had our honeymoon here. So, of course, I would be coming with my beloved to recreate and re-experience these amazing memories of sitting in front of the fireplace, instead of at a table, cuddled up and sipping wine while waiting for our fantastic meal to arrive. That is one of my most fond memories: The wine, the fireplace, the wonderful staff, and the fantastic food that my husband and I got to share because of your beautiful lodge. I’ve just finished my diploma of Osteopathy and am working towards a Dr. of Osteopathy, so my fingers and toes are crossed for a little 2nd honeymoon and study break with velvet and vino at Buffalo Mountain Lodge! Here’s hoping!

    Reply | 12.1.16
  31. Michael P.

    This would be the ultimate Christmas surprise for my girlfriend – the holidays are her favourite time of the year, and she’s been talking about a mountain getaway for ages… but she’s been working a ton of overtime and hasn’t had a moment to herself. Would love to see her face light up if I told her we were going somewhere so wonderful! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

    Reply | 12.1.16
  32. Mallory

    Looove Emerald Lake Lodge! Your getaway looks amazing xo

    Reply | 12.2.16
  33. All I want for Christmas is THIS getaway!! ❄️


    Reply | 12.4.16
  34. how gorgeous! i’d love to take a romantic night away with a cute man.

    Reply | 12.4.16
  35. Janelle

    Such a romantic getaway! My husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary at Emerald Lake Lodge. Buffalo Mountain Lodge is next on our list! The bathtub looks so relaxing and the food looks incredible!

    Reply | 12.4.16
  36. Oscar

    I would share this mountain getaway with my wife. We love escaping to the mountains for a weekend getaway and just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary at Emerald Lake Lodge, which I highly recommend!

    Reply | 12.4.16
  37. Patricia

    This would be a great gift for my parents this holidays! They love going to Banff and this is a great opportunity for them to spend sometime together.

    Reply | 12.4.16
  38. Irene

    Love Banff too! Never visited the Tunnel Mountain side of town, looks beautiful!

    Reply | 12.4.16
  39. Sherry Gill

    Wow!! I can’t imagine a one night stay at one of those locations. Your stay looked truly incredible. I want to win!! 🙂

    Reply | 12.4.16
  40. Alysha

    Looks amazing! I enjoy following your adventures on Instagram!

    Reply | 12.4.16
  41. Ian

    We got married at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge in the spring of 2007. It would be awesome to return for a romantic 10 year anniversary weekend!

    Reply | 12.4.16
  42. Alison Veldkamp

    Wow, what beautiful photos! Looks like the perfect getaway. Definitely keeping this in mind for our next trip!

    Reply | 12.4.16
  43. Amy leedham

    Can’t wait to be here inn saturfay!! Couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas party location!

    Reply | 12.4.16
  44. Alexandra Wig

    What a lovely looking getaway! My husband and I find taking time to get away together is the best thing to reconnect. Especially with a little one! Fingers crossed I can surprise him with this mountain treat!

    xo Alexandra

    Reply | 12.4.16
  45. This looks like an amazing getaway!!!

    Reply | 12.4.16
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