1. What an amazing winter getaway. My next trip is going to have to be to Jasper. After all those years of living in Alberta, I’ve never actually been to Jasper. So many amazing holidays for you Becky.

    Reply | 11.25.16
  2. Beth Sherstabetoff

    The Lodge and the view are stunning and not that far from home!!! We are so blessed in Alberta!!!!!

    Reply | 11.25.16
  3. That looks like an incredible resort! I loved watching your snaps from your trip, too. Alberta is beautiful!

    Something About That

    Reply | 11.25.16
  4. I love seeing JPL through your eyes, Becky! Beautiful photos — it looks so serene in the springtime (I spy some beautiful pink blooms out the window!). I must go back! Hope you’re having a great weekend, love.

    Reply | 11.26.16

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